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It's quick and easy--you will need only 2 Things:  the BACK PROFILE and the WIDTH MEASUREMENT.

The Back Profile determines the "bar style" of the Trailwise Tree you will need for your Trailwise Saddle.  Trailwise Trees come in THREE bar styles:  Cowboy Bar, Modified Cowboy Bar, and Flat Bar.  To determine the bar style, take photos of your equine, standing on level ground, from the right side and the left side and then email those photos to us at (email photos to info@trailwisesaddles.com.  We will determine the Back Profile of the tree for you and confirm that when placing your order.
Typically Average/High Wither with drop behind wither, some pocketing in shoulders and a pronounced curve upwards to the loin area.  This horse measures 11 3/4", which is Standard/Wide.  Trailwise Tree should be in the range of a 6.5" -- 6.75" in the Cowboy Bar.  (The wider the tree gets, the less twist the Rider will have in the seat and the seat will feel wider.  As such, wider is not automatically better.)  This horse is in good weight--not too thin, not too fat.  (Score of 5-6)

Typically Average/Low Withers, Loin area much lower than wither ("Uphill Build"), and a flatter look to the back from the side.  This horse measures 10 5/8" for width, which is Standard and not considered Wide.  This horse is ridden in endurance races in a 6.5" Flat Bar, which is just slightly wider than she needs but is padded up to fit comfortably and allows the scapula to rotate under the front of the bar.  Her longest race thus far has been 75 miles at Big Horn with perfect back condition scoring.  Flat Bar trees will tend to have less flare in the front.  This horse is slightly underweight (score of 4) and could use about 100 lbs.  As such, it's better to go with a tree that's a bit too wide to accommodate future weight gain.

This tree style does well for fleshy horses with little to no wither and a very "meaty" shoulder and little if any pocketing behind the scapula.  Often the back bone shows a crease down the middle of the spine.  Great tree style for horses with wide, fat shoulders!  This horse measured out at over 14" wide, which is considered Wide.  This horse should lose about 75 lbs or so to be at her ideal weight.  (Score of 7-8)  Tree for this horse should be a 6.75-7" Modified Cowboy Bar.

(2) WIDTH:  Finding out the width of tree your equine will need is quick and easy.  You will need a flexible ruler or wire that holds its shape and is at least 18" long, a large piece of paper (back of wrapping paper works well), and a marker.

Bend the flexible ruler in the middle and run each side downward on either side of your horse's shoulder where the front of the saddle would lay (see photo below).  Then trace that upside down "U" onto your paper.  Mark the middle of the "U" and measure down 7.5" on each side.  Measure between those two points for your Width Measurement.


10" and under = 6.5" Width

10-13" = 6.75" Width     This is our most versatile and popular width

13" and Above = 7" Width

In general, it is best to have a bit more width than you need at the "average" body weight of your horse.  Know what that that average weight is when deciding on the tree width for your equine.  You will want the tree to be just slightly roomy at the "average" weight.  Remember that it's easy to fill in the width of the tree with an extra insert, if needed.  And there is saddle padding to think about and consider once you're tacked up and ready to go.  However, if your tree is not wide enough, there is nothing you can do to make the tree wider. 

When selecting the tree Width, keep in mind that the wider the tree, the wider it will feel to you, the Rider.  Meaning, you will lose some of your "twist".  For many, especially women, a more narrow twist helps to make the hips feel better and less spread out.  We are able to build in more twist to wider trees, and this is something we do from time to time when needed, but the downside is that it sometimes will cause the Rider to lose some of the close contact in the tree.  So, there are pros and cons to consider when you choose to go wider than you need.  You should not be going way, way wider than needed.  Too wide is just as bad as too narrow! 

The Adjustable Saddle Liners that attach to the Trailwise Tree will allow for approximately 100-150 lbs. of weight difference in the equine.  The Liners are used to tweak and "fine tune" the fit, which is great for asymmetry, conditioning changes, aging changes, and weight fluctuations.

We are very happy to speak with you regarding your tree selection.  Please call 970-231-3299 for a free phone consultation.

All emailed photos and info can be sent to info@trailwisesaddles.com

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