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Trailwise Saddles feature the following innovative features:

  • A truly great saddle begins with a truly great Tree.  Saddles with high-quality solid trees offer the best weight distribution.  The Golden Rule:  As long as the saddle is wide enough in the shoulders and has correct bar angles other areas can be fine tuned and adjusted using the Skito Pocket Pad.
  • Lifetime Warranty:  Our trees have a Lifetime Warranty are are cast from High Density Polyurethane.  They are NOT Ralide!  Our trees were originally designed for the purpose of Roping......so you know they gotta be tough!  And they are.  The Cable Rigging is cast into the tree in one continuous loop, which is made from high-tensile aircraft tether which is then coated in nylon.  Our proprietary "Universal" Trees come in several "average" widths--Standard, Wide and Extra Wide--and three Bar Styles--Cowboy Bar, Modified Cowboy Bar, and Flat Bar (Click here to understand which tree your horse will need.)  Unlike a wooden tree, our Universal Tree is guaranteed to never warp or be crooked because it comes from an unchangeable mold made out of durable ingredients.  We call it "Universal" because it fits a wide variety of back shapes once you correctly measure the width and angle you need.  (Click here for Back Mapping Guidelines).
  • Another great quality to our Universal Tree is that it is designed to flare away from the horse in the front shoulder area and in the back loin area to avoid the points of the bars digging into the horse.  Once we determine the correct Universal Tree needed for your horse, the Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad can work to fine tune the fit as your horse ages, goes in and out of conditioning, or slightly changes shape for other reasons.

Selecting the Correct Trailwise Tree

Our Universal Trees come in 3 Widths: Standard, Wide, and Extra Wide

And 4 Bar Styles:  Flat Bars (Better for stock flatter backs, like many mules.  Cowboy Bars fit about 85% of horses out there, and have more of a curve in the rocker area of the tree; and the Modified Cowboy bar, built for horses with meaty shoulders and very wide backs
Left:  Traditional Wade Tree in Flat Bars; made to sit low on the horse for the closest contact possible.  Also offers the greatest weight distribution.
Right:  Cowboy Bars have more "rock"  and more flare at the front

Right:  Typical English Tree.  Notice the difference!  Generally speaking, Western trees are able to distribute rider weight more effectively because they have bigger and sturdier bars.  This is why the US Calvary began using McClellan style saddles with western tree bars.....horses did better over long distances carrying a soldier's weight and supplies with more bar area in the tree.

By casting all of the tree and ground seat as a total finished product, all the parts work together to create greater strength and durability in the tree. The material has a strength of 3500 psi.  The Adjustable Cable Rigging is cast into the mold of the tree in a continuous piece.  It's made from aircraft tether coated in nylon and has a strength of over 12 tons!  In the 22 years of its use, there has never been a tree or rigging failure using this system. There is no warping, no worries about popped seats and no broken horns. The tree combined with the cable rigging eliminates bulk under the leg and seat. The rigging is designed to pull more uniformly from the front and rear which stops the popping up of the back of the saddle and it's position can be adjusted by a ¼" lock collar. This allows you greater security in the saddle and more comfort on the horse. The cable is one piece cast into the tree and it remains flexible so as to conform to the horse better. The strength of the cable is over twelve tons.

By moving ahead and using the uni-cast tree, positive attributes have been gained while eliminating the problems associated with traditional trees. After 25 years of working with traditional trees, it became apparent to the saddle shop that a change was needed in the industry as a whole. Quality wood is increasingly hard to come by. It is prone to more splitting and breakage due to a large number of knots. Rawhide is becoming more expensive and harder to obtain due to demand on the world hide market, while rawhide covered trees are prone to warping and breakage by the nature of the materials used.

WARRANTY:  Every tree used in Trailwise Saddles is guaranteed for a lifetime of normal use. Guarantee does not cover wear of leather. Any Trailwise Saddle tree that breaks within its lifetime under normal use will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Trailwise Saddles.

(2) Fine Tune Your Saddle Fit with our proprietary Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad, made just for Trailwise!

Effective saddle fitting hinges on the width of the tree in relation to your horse's shoulder area and the angle of the bar.  There is no substitute or pad that will make a too-narrow, too wide or sub-standard tree work.  Again, a great performance saddle has at its foundation a great tree with enough width in the shoulders, correct contours of the angle and enough clearance over the withers and loins to be comfortable for your horse.  Additionally, your fit can be "fine tuned" to accommodate weight changes, age changes, and seasonal changes experienced by your horse using our proprietary Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad.   Our Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad have pockets in three key areas in which to place foam inserts, which cushions and provides support in much the same way that an English saddle does but with the added benefit of a Western tree.....except that the pockets in our Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pads allow you to have access to the stuffing areas within the pockets of the pad.  Our Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pads attach naturally to the bars of the tree, which employs the use of anti-slip materials.  Each Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad comes with built in pockets for adjusting the different areas on the horse's back:  the shoulders, the middle arch area, and the loin area--and specially formulated foam to absorb shock.

Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad comes with a set of 6 foam inserts that fit into the pockets so you can perfect the fit of the saddle to your horse.  Ride more than one horse?  Get each horse its own Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad for a quick change of fit as long as the horses are somewhat similar in back conformation!  (Please refer to our Saddle Fit Guide for a quick look at conformation in relation to saddle fit:  Trailwise Saddle Fit Guide.)

Each Trailwise Saddle comes with an Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad and Foa Inserts to help you fine tune your fit -- made from specially formulated foam inserts that absorb s hock.  The 3 pockets on each side allow you to adjust the fit in the front, middle and loin area of your horse's back.  Beneath the pockets is a thin, supportive but flexible cushion of NASA foam which provides a flat, even surface against the horse's back.  Our Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad fits under the bars of the tree, which is outfitted with anti-slip material and keeps the Adjustable SKITO Pocket Pad securely in place. 


Match your Trailwise Saddle and Adjustable Saddle Liners with our innovative Advantage Pad made from 100% Merino Felted Wool for the ultimate in natural breathability and concussion relief for your horse's back.

Michelle Smith and Khemo's Hot Wasabe at the 2013 Shamrock Endurance Rides in their Aussie Lite Saddle.

Mother-daughter team, Michelle & Jackie Smith, riding in their Trailwise Saddles and Advantage Pad.  Happy Jack Endurance Ride, 2013. Photo Karl Creations

Michelle Smith and Klementine GWA getting ready for Western Dressage.  Klementine is wearing the Western Dressage Saddly by Trailwise Saddles.

(3) Adjustable Rigging - Put Your Cinch or Girth Exactly Where it's Needed & Go From Western to English!

Our Universal Tree comes with Adjustable Cable Rigging built into every saddle.  Go English or Western, your choice, and do it knowing you can move the cinch or girth to the best "girth groove" for each particular horse. Go from 7/8, 3/4, or Center Fire all in one unique, easy to use system--you can even adjust differently from side to side to accommodate conformational asymmetry.  And, the style of rigging on a Trailwise Saddle is interchangeable:  you can easily change from Western to English rigging, depending on your preference.

MORE UNIQUE FEATURES:  Trailwise Saddles--we're all about saddle performance for both you and your horse with a menu of interchangeable options.  We offer all this and more:
  • The Best of Both Worlds -- get the ease and simplicity of an English Saddle but with all the security and weight distribution of a Western Saddle
  • The Ultimate Foundation -- Our Universal Tree is second to none and comes with a Life-time Warranty.  Choose from three different shoulder/gullet widths and two styles of bar "rock" (Average Rock and Flat Bar)
  • Fine Tune Your Fit -- Our Adjustable Saddle Liners correct the fit of the tree where needed as changes occur
  • Three Seat Styles -- We offer three different seat styles with different amounts of slope from the pommel to the cantleNo Rise (flatter seat) and Single Rise (more slope from pommel to cantle with a narrower twist) and Double Rise, which offers the narrowest twist.  We have discovered through years of trial and error that your preference for one over the other is based on your pelvis build (a very complicated part of the anatomy!).  That being said, it is safest to go with the average amount of rise, which would be the Single Rise.
  • Adjustable and Interchangeable Rigging -- Put your girth or cinch where you want and need it, depending on the "girth groove" of your horse AND change from Western to English rigging in a snap!
  • Light and Short -- Light-weight, short in length, every saddle comes with a Butterfly Back, perfect for the short backed performance horse; Trailwise Saddle trees are 21" long, unless you need a seat larger than 16".
  • Unique Interchangeable Fender/Stirrup Leather System--Fenders and Leathers come with each saddle and are easily interchangeable.  We offer two styles of fenders:  Endurance or Western Dressage.
  • Impeccable Quality Made in Colorado -- Our expert saddle makers have over 40 years experience crafting high-end saddles.  The quality and craftsmanship of a Trailwise Saddle is impeccable with "Versatile Fit that's Built to Last."
  • High End Performance Saddles at Competitive Prices -- Our priceline is $1995-2500, depending on the model and options, with an average 8 week turnaround time
  • Satisfaction Guarantee -- In the event that you are not completely satisfied with your Trailwise Saddle, we will exchange it for another model or tree style until you are happy with the results.

Custom Options 

  • Saddle Leather Colors:  Light Oil, Russet (like Chestnut), Havana (Mahogany), & Black
  • Seat Leather Colors:  Black, British Tan, Brown.  Other colors, like Turquoise, can be special ordered for an upcharge and will add to the  production timeline.
  • Conchos:  We currently feature Horseshoe Brand Conchos and Hardware, for an upcharge, in Silver and Silver/Black; saddles come standard with leather rosettes; additional concho styles are forthcoming in the near future.  We also have bridles and breastcollars that can be built to match your saddle, with matching concho options.


  • Tooling:  We have a number of great Edge tooling styles available for an upcharge of $100.  Spot tooling and Full tooling is an upcharge of $500-$700, depending on the amount and the style of the design.

Old Vine

Wild Rose

Above & Below:  Wild Rose Edge Tooling with Horse Shoe Brand Conchos in Black and Silver

"S" Edge

             Old Barbed Wire

The Classic






More about Seat Styles and Which One you Should Pick

Quick Saddle Fitting Tips for Your Trailwise Saddle

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