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Testimonials for Trailwise Saddles

Hi Michelle,

Thank you for giving me my horse back!!  I have been struggling with saddles for a couple of years, nothing worked quite right and some were downright detrimental.  I explored with QUALITY saddles, not inexpensive.  After an absolute disaster with a saddle that caused a downward spiral with my horse I listened to several people who recommended Trailwise.  I contacted you and your expertise and knowledge assured me I had made the right decision.  In addition knowing that you rode endurance made feel comfortable that you knew exactly what I needed.  I LOVE my saddle.  It is gorgeous to look at, but more importantly it is perfect for my horse and fits me like a glove.  From the first ride it was comfortable, for me it felt like an old friend and my horse  moved beautifully.  This saddle allows the rider to be nimble and athletic, to ride centered and be intuitive with the horse.  The last few years my horse has struggled with a forward working trot, not anymore with the Trailwise.  We trotted miles yesterday in a lovely working trot, he collected and extended, he was soft in his poll and completely enjoyed himself.  We bushwhacked through some steep technical arroyos and canyons on the way home and the saddle never moved (even though my girth was loose, the way I like it!).  We even did some ranch sorting with cows last week, I was secure and my horse was having fun.  This is an outstanding saddle, I could not be happier.  I have my horse healthy and I can sleep soundly at night knowing that I made a great investment for my horse's well being as well as helping me to become a better rider.  People should never under estimate the profound positive effect a well made, quality saddle can have. My Trailwise has been a terrific investment that has given me peace of mind.  In addition your customer service and knowledge have been fabulous.  You have been available for questions and very supportive through every step. 

Thank you, 
Maggie McNally
Telluride, CO

(Michelle, I hope this is not gushing too much but seriously, you have saved my passion and joy. This saddle has been a miracle.)"

Hi Michelle,

I have now ridden my horse, Zeva, five times with my new Trailwise saddle, and we both absolutely love it. There has been almost no break in time for me, and it seems to fit Zeva perfectly. Although she and I have been working on collection and gaiting for a couple of months now after the winter break, we have had a huge breakthrough with the new saddle. She "gets" it, and has been rounding her back, lifting her shoulder, and gaiting beautifully!! We rode 8 miles at Lory State Park yesterday, it was effortless for both of us. I've attached a picture of Zeva tied to the trailer, I'll get some more on-trail pictures soon.

--Sharon Strong, Fort Collins, CO
Recreational Trail Rider



"Hi Michelle,
I just returned from the Llano Estacado Pioneer Ride near Dumas, TX.  Kenlyn Valentine and I did a 30 miler.  Great trail and some of it was technical.  What I want to share with you is that Valentine came in First Place AND took Best Condition!!  That is a first for us to take both!!!  I can't help but think this may be attributed to my Trailwise saddle!  He moves out freely and was very comfortable, no slipping, no siding off to the side like my other saddle.  The saddle stayed put exactly where it was supposed to be.  I was very comfortable as well.  See you at the Strawberry Fields Endurance Ride!

--Diane Craft, 6/9/14

Diane and Valentine went on to successfully complete 50s in the Shamrock Endurance Rides in July, and the 75 miler in the Mountain Mettle Endurance Rides in August.....all without sore backs!  Diane rides Valentine in the Trailwise Pioneer Endurance Saddle.

Diane Craft and Kenlyn Valentine, left, in their Pioneer Endurance Saddle by Trailwise Saddles
Photo by Patricia Jarvis
Mountain Mettle Endurance Rides 2014
  "This past summer I was in need of a saddle and decided to give try Trailwise Saddles a try. I was having some issues with two of my arabs in getting a good saddle fit for them-- they had developed some white spots and sore areas with previous saddles. I had a specialized saddle which I really liked but once I add my packs and tack it is a bit heavy. Trailwise saddles are extremely lightweight without losing quality. I feel the craftsmanship is exceptional as well as the customer service. I have loved my initial Trailwise Saddle purchase and have proceeded to order another one for a horse with a more "unique" back that requires a very different tree. Knowing that someone is available (Michelle) to help with fitting consultation is an added bonus. I ride endurance and when you spend many hours in a saddle it has to be exactly what you want and need for your horse as well as comfortable for the rider! Trailwise has definitely fit the bill for my needs."
--Dana Cernak, endurance rider, January 2014

Dana and her gelding, Bubba, came in 5th Place out of 30 competitors in a tough, fast 50 at the 2014 Happy Jack Endurance Rides. Bubba was ridden in a Trailwise Pioneer Endurance Saddle.  Congrats to both!


More Customer Feedback for Trailwise Tack and Saddles:

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to ride in one of your Trailwise saddles as well as helping me to fit and understand the dynamics that help the saddle fit properly.
    The model you showed up with--the English Trail--was perfect for me and Moon.  As you know, I love my dressage saddle and was looking for a saddle that felt like my dressage saddle but offered a bit more for trail riding.  The English Trail by Trailwise Saddles comes very close to matching the seat feel in my dressage saddle, but also offers all the dees and rings that a trail saddle needs to have, along with a bit more security in the seat.....I imagine the fact that you are an avid long distance endurance rider helped in that area.  Security and comfort for both horse and rider are extremely important when one spends hours in the saddle! 
     The English Trail saddle was simple looking yet pleasing to the eye, as well as light as a feather. Upon first sight what I was most pleased to see was the size of the stirrup leathers-they were close to english style yet just a little sturdier and wider with wonderful thick padded trail stirrups.  This really helped my knees stay comfy.
     I also appreciated how you ran your eyes and hands down my mare's back and sides to mentally take in the curves of her body. And thanks for showing me how to properly fit the wool felt inserts into the Adjustable Saddle Liners that come with each Trailwise Saddle--this is a great way for me to fine tune the fit of the tree bars to my horse and it's especially reassuring knowing that I can continue to alter the fit as she gains more weight (she's a bit on the thin side right now).
     After the fitting session, I felt that the saddle would perform without rubbing, movement, saddle soreness, or being too tight or loose. And the 100% wool felted pad (the Advantage Pad) was a perfect complement to the saddle! Off we went on a 15 mile mountain trail ride with lots of climbing and descending hill sides. The very first thing I noticed when I mounted was that the saddle stayed in proper position.  Yes my mare has nice withers but saddles do move if they are not the proper bar width.  Next was the supple soft suede covered seat under my bum--as my legs fell to each side of my mare there was nothing that obstructed them from falling perfectly underneath me. I felt amazingly comfortable, I sat properly on my seat bones and my legs were in perfect position. Up and down we went on the hills, walk, trot, and canter for a few hours, my mare moved beautifully in all three gates. And at the end of the ride, I came out of the saddle just as comfortable as when I went in!
    But more important to me than my own comfort is the comfort of my mare.  I was happy to see that Moon--my 20 year old TB retired Fox Hunter--showed no signs of back pain after this long trail ride with such challenging terrain.... she did not once flinch any time time my hand ran down her back testing for sore spots. 
    I was very pleased with the look and feel of the English Trail Saddle by Trailwise Saddles, and especially the acceptance of the saddle from my mare, Moonstone. Thanks for being so clear with me on what to look for while fitting the saddle as well as how it should feel to my body as I'm riding on the trails.  I rate this saddle top notch for comfort, quality and great looks; also very user friendly.
     Thank you very much, Michelle Smith, for your time and knowledge of the horse's body and your expertise in saddle fitting."

--Bobby Jo Dye

"Michelle, I wanted you to know how much I love my Trailwise Pioneer Endurance Saddle. It fits my wide body horses perfectly. I am looking forward to getting your new saddle, the English Trail. I just know my new horse and I are going to love it, too! Also, thank you for your considerable time and energy to ensure my saddles fit the unique needs of my horses and myself. You are the best!"
 --Debbie Pugliano, Larkspur, CO

"Dear Michelle,

I want to thank you for all the extra time and effort you spent learning, studying measurements and looking at pictures to figure out whether or not my saddle was the best fit for  Al.

As you know, it has been a very long journey (and huge learning curve) trying to find a western saddle to fit him, but I am pleased with the outcome!

I love the beautiful craftsmanship and style of my saddle and am looking forward to many years of riding in it.

I've appreciated your honesty and candor throughout this whole process. I am a fan of your excellent customer service!  Thank you for your patience, too, but most of all, just getting the job done RIGHT!  Al and I both appreciate it.


Lee and Al

--Lee Pickrel

(Lee had ordered a saddle in the summer for her very wide, flat-backed Arabian gelding.  We decided to go with the Extra Wide Tree with flat bars.  At first it seemed to perform beautiful.  But several months later, her horse had gotten fitter and lost the fat pockets around his shoulders.  Suddenly, the saddle was not fitting as well, and we had lost wither clearance.  So, Trailwise Saddles took the saddle back and refit the Adjustable Saddle LIners to make it slightly narrower in the front.  This gave us the clearance Al needed while stile maintaining overall width for his back.  Bottomline:  Trailwise Saddles will go the extra mile to find solutions for saddle fitting both you and your horse.  At Trailwise Saddles, your success is our success--and we won't give up until everyone is satisfied!)

"I used my saddle today on Rock. Soooooooo nice!!!! I'll fine tune the fit when he comes home but it fit pretty darn good as you set it up. I love it. I Iove it. I love it!"  --Rachael

--Rachel, recreational trail rider and Western Dressage enthusiast

Rachael had a big Quarter Horse gelding that needed a wide tree.  He also had a pronounced wither with an average amount of rock in his back and dips behind each shoulder.  We were able to achieve a good fit with the Standard size tree (semi-QH) and the felt inserts placed in strategic spots on his back to fine tune the fit behind the shoulder blades.  The adjustable rigging was also very important to Rachael, since her horse did best with the cinch placed slightly forward of 3/4.


I am now just waiting for the weather to warm up or at least the wind to die down so I can try everything out  I am so excited.  Again thank you for all your help and wonderful customer service  I will definitely be recommending you to others."

Prince Albert/Sasketchewan, Canada

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