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Unique Features of Trailwise Saddles

How To Do Wither Tracings
Some unique features of Trailwise Saddles and comparison of back types

What Makes Trailwise Saddles Different

(1) :  Saddle Tree Alignment:  There is a wide variety of saddle pad choices on the market today that use a host of techniques to improve saddle fit.   Many of these padding options do indeed help, and if you can get them to stay in the right place under the saddle, and if the saddle isn't too terribly off in fit, then these pads can dramatically improve your saddle fit.  Trailwise Saddles, like several other brands on the market today, use padding with one key difference:  Velcro (a.k.a, "hook and loop").  With the use of Hook and Loop, Trailwise Saddles is able to keep our proprietary Adjustable Saddle Liners in the right spot under the tree to positively affect the way the tree lays on your horse's back.

(2) Materials that Breathe:  Trailwise is specifically different from other so-called "adjustable" saddle brands because we use materials that can vent and "breathe" (wool felt & Open Weave Merinque), as opposed to neoprene rubber and/or closed cell foam.  In addition, the pockets in our Adjustable Saddle Liners are easy to work with and guide the user to fit in the three key areas of the horse's back, rather than leaving it up to the user to do randomly.  As such, the pockets take some of the confusion out of the adjusting process which is key for the novice fitter.

(3) Trees to fit Back Profile:  Most importantly, Trailwise is different in that we don't use one tree to fit every horse, nor do we ever say that our saddle can fit every horse.  We select trees based on the general Back Profile of your horse (determined by wither tracings), and from there, you can fine tune the fit of the tree to accommodate weight, conditioning and aging fluctuations in your horse (or any other horse with that type of Back Profile) by using our Adjustable Saddle Liners.  It is not a perfect system, but it does offer many options for better saddle fit.

(4)  Impeccable Quality:  All Trailwise Saddles are made in Colorado, USA from top-grain vegetable tanned cowhides that come from eastern American tanneries (Wickett & Craig of America).  The materials are of the best quality and the craftsmanship is impeccable and hails from a Colorado saddle shop with over 40 years experience.

(5)  Adjustable Cable Rigging:  Our unique Cable Rigging System allows adjustability of the rigging and the ability to quickly change from Western to English and vice versa, and is a unique feature on all Trailwise Saddles (rigging holds up to 12 tons with not one failure in the 20+ years of its existence).

(6)  Comfort for the Rider:  Trailwise Saddles offers three seat styles to ensure rider comfort based on seat-bone configuration of the Rider.  We have a No Rise, Single Rise, and Double Rise.  Use of the correct seat will put your body in optimal alignment in the saddle, allowing the thigh to hang from the hip in correct position, giving you that ever sought after "dressage" style, "legs under" seat position.

With all of the above options, it's easy to see that Trailwise is very different from other saddle brands.  Trailwise Saddles recognizes that saddle fit is not a One-Size-Fits-All reality, and those who say so are using faulty marketing ploys.  Our product offers a variety of options for improved saddle fit and is well-made and specific to trail riding and long-distance riding. 

At Trailwise Saddles, the horse always comes first, and good saddle fit is our passion. 

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